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"The Missionary Family"

It has been said that the William & Esther Heaton (1824-1877) family has had more descendants serve missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints than any other LDS family. It is for this reason that his descendants have been dubbed as the "Missionary Family". If you are related to William Heaton or know someone who is please make them aware of this site so that we can gather names, missions, and dates. We would like to list every missionary descendant (and spouses of decendents who have served).

If you wish to participate please email the following data:
1) Full Name
2) Mission Served In
3) Years of Service (ie 1978-1980)
4) How you are related to William & Esther Heaton.

: Jason Bauer (Lineage Code: 3b.1.10)
My Complex Explanation: William had his 3rd son, who had a second wife (1st=a, 2nd=b, etc) (3b-3rd son "3" 2nd wife "b"), they had their 1st child(1), he had his 10th child (10), who is Jason's grandmother.
For Jason Bauer it breaks down like this:
Great Great Great Grandpa William Heaton
3b-Great Great Grandpa Jonathan Heaton & 2nd wife Lucy
1-Great Grandpa Charles Carroll Heaton
10-Grandma Lavina Ann Meeks (Heaton)

Three generations from William will be sufficient but you can carry it out all the way to you if you wish. Each generation gets a number, depending on which child you came from. Some missionaries are already 6 generations from William & Esther Heaton. Sorry if this is way confusing. If you have an easier method please share.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Army Of William